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Fathoms Bar & Grille is located in the seafood capital of the world in beautiful, historic New Bedford, MA. Our mission has always been to bring the freshest seafood, best drinks and extraordinary culinary creations to our customers while providing a fun, beautiful atmosphere to enjoy it all in.

Fathoms was created in 2010 by Lars Vinjerud II, a local fisherman who knows a thing or two about the seafood industry. Lars started fishing decades ago out of Alaska at 15 years old. Eventually, he bought his first fishing vessel, the Lisa Lynn, here in New Bedford. The F/V Explorer, which still fishes today, was his first scalloper. Now decades later, he owns a fleet of boats all manned by some of the best fishermen around who fish for scallops, lobster, crab, tuna, swordfish, monkfish and much more.

Speaking of fleets, did you know that all of our seafood comes directly from Fleet Fisheries, our sister seafood processor? This vertical integration guarantees that Fathoms only gets the best and freshest seafood around!

Our ultimate goal is quality, comfort, fair pricing and satisfaction for every patron who visits our establishment. Whether at our glass top bar, high top tables, comfortable semi-circle booths, dining tables or outside on our oceanview deck, we highly encourage you to come join us for a delicious meal, drinks and fun! Hope to see you soon.
Fleet Fisheries Inc. - Click Logo to Visit FleetFisheries.com For More Information
A Fathom is a nautical term mainly used to measure the depths of the ocean floor. One fathom is equal to 6 feet or 72 inches. So for instance many of our scallopers will get their delicious bivalves we all love so much from depths ranging from 20-50 fathoms deep... so 120 to 360 feet down!
Lars Vinjerud II
Lars Vinjerud II Owner